Jesus Rivera


Jesus Manuel Avila Rivera is the Principal Timpanist at Juarez University Orchestra “OSUACJ”, and Educator as Percussion intern teacher at the same Juarez University “UACJ”, also teaches drum set at “Tecnologico De Monterrey” high school.

Jesus Manuel Avila Rivera is one of the first percussionist on the city once considered “One of the most violent cities in the World Ciudad Juarez“ which now has been recovered after years of community progress trough programs like Music and access to Culture among others. 

He earned his Bachelor Music Degree in Music Performance as Percussionist in 2011, and started to work as Wind Band Music Director at Mexico Federal Music Program based on “El Sistema” wich is called “Bandas Comunitarias del Programa Nacional De Fomento Musical” for 4 Years.

Throughout the years Jesus Manuel Avila Rivera has been working as percussionist and drummer on different orchestras and scene border local music. He have been playing as drummer on the borderline EL PASO TX/JUAREZ band called “Acid Pie” wich have been touring around the border in different cities like “Chihuahua, Juarez,El Paso,Las Cruces,Austin Tx,Phoenix AZ”.

He has been working as percussionist on “Juarez Youth Orchestra” and in 2008 and he started to work as percussion line on Juarez University orchestra in 2010, where he begin to work with different repertoire includes a lot of Opera, and also Classical and Modern Music with different known conductors like: Carlos Garcia Ruiz, Armando Pesqueira, Guillermo Quezada, Julio Saldaña, Carlos Ruiz, Lizandro Garcia, Valentin Nedelshev Tushev, Prentice Loftin.

He was appointed as Principal Timpanist in 2014 and now he’s working on social music media content “YouTube” channel called “Jesus Rivera Percussion” and planning on continue with his Graduate at Texas or New Mexico University.


OrchestraJuárez University OrchestraTitlePrincipal Timpanist

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